Norweco model 96 aerator septic tank
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I use in connection with my Norweco septic system?. Effective September 1, 2009, a new Model 206C Aerator and control panel carry a. If you have one vented cover and one non-vented cover you have a 960 series tank installed before  precast concrete, manufactured by the licensed Norweco distributor. Internal walls treatment plants in the world, the Singulair Model 960 system complies with . ULTRA-AIR SEPTIC TANK SHAFT AERATOR AIR PUMP 14" BRACKETS. ULTRA-AIR MODEL 735 Septic Aerator With Blue 14" Brackets.. Blue is a compatible alternative replacement septic tank shaft aerator for the Norweco Singulair .Click here to see how the NORWECO Singulair wastewater treatment system stacks up energy-efficient alternative to an outdated, unmanageable septic tank.. . The Singulair Model 960 system is an NSF STD 40, Class “I” system with  . The Model 735 BLUE will work as a replacement for Norweco Singulair OEM to your existing Jet aerator, Norweco aerator, or other Septic Tank aerator.Model AT 1500 UV. The Singulair system is the state-of-the-art alternative to a troublesome septic tank for domestic wastewater treatment. Employing the extended aeration process, the Singulair plant provides flow equalization,. The Singulair system is a trouble-free answer to domestic wastewater disposal and insures . The Model 535 has a shaft which extends into the septic system and. The Ultra- Air™ Model 735 is a spinning shaft aerator comparable to the Norweco . Norweco/Singular alternative replacement aerators from Free shipping on all Norweco/Singular alternative replacement aerators.Replacement 14″ septic tank aerator unit for Norweco, Singulaire systems. We can also modify our aerator to fit other styles. 2 YEAR WARRANTY; PRICE . Jul 6, 2013 . Septic Aerator replacement, for Jet, Norweco, Singulair, and Many others. Contact us. Or take a look at our website at .



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The Ultra-AirĀ® Model 735 BLUE models are compatible alternative replacements for OEM Norweco Singulair Aerators models 206C, 96, 960, and 780.The 735 BLUE models.
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