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Download OpusTrueType font. Download 151703 Free fonts at OpusSpecial. I wouldn't expect any problems with the TimesNewRoman group, so probably . Results 1 - 6 of 50 . These fonts are totally free of charge, and you may redistribute them as lon. It looks like GIMP comes with an "Opus Text" font, but only the characters used in music. Mar 17, 2010 . Opus, the default music font family, has a modern look with elliptical noteheads a. Default settings are; Main text font- Plantin MT std. Music text font - Opus text std. Select the a. Elbsound: Tools & Tips for Notation, Music Fonts and Finale Plugins - Music Fonts.. Opus Tex. From the comments, most browsers do not support svg font. The glyphs I am using are below for th.


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