How to ween of synthroid

Is there anyone out there that has stopped taking synthroid and felt better? If so how did you stop taking synthroid, by slowly weaning off if it?Sep 30, 2007 . You don't have to ween yourself off Synthroid. You can just stop taking it tomorrow. I've been taken off Synthroid twice, and both times I was told . Aug 1, 2011 . Synthroid, a synthetic thyroid hormone prescribed for most synthetic throid for almost 40 years and her doctor is slowly weaning her off now.Feb 5, 2012 . i was put on thyroid meds (synthroid) for hypothyroid about 2 years ago, t3 and t4 are normal but my doctor didnt want me to wean off meds.May 24, 2011 . That's right, you guessed it. I am no longer taking Synthroid, the most prescribed brand of levothyroxine. I stopped taking it. And, guess what?Jul 10, 2015 . 3 Answers - Posted in: synthroid, cancer, thyroid - Answer: You'll probably start feeling tired, somewhat depressed, get some dry skin. Sep 25, 2010 . What happens if/when you stop taking Synthroid? taking a full therapeutic dose for years and years should taper off to avoid adrenal shock.)Feb 15, 2016 . Synthroid is take for hypothyroidism. You need it to live a healthy life. It doesn't make you high nor is it addictive. Your question is like: "how do I . Sep 25, 2014 . My name is Maryann, and I was just recently taken off my synthroid. I do not have Hashi's-maybe I should wean off med and see how I do?Dec 20, 2009 ., Today we talked with our friend Enrique who had his thyroid removed. He has personally been taking .

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