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Jan 17, 2014 . Which Mob Wives Star Is Reported to Be Worth More: Renee. Another thing to take into consideration is the salary each of the. Most likely, that means Ang and Renee bring in a great deal more per 12 episode season.Mob Wives cast members new to the series make between $8000 and$10000 per week. The salaries of the more seasoned cast membersare a little more . Aug 12, 2013 . Like actors, reality stars are paid per episode, but their from MTV's sister channel VH1's show Basketball Wives generated close to $20,000 in . Oct 10, 2013 . The feds want to know how much TV's newest “Mob Wife” is getting paid — so she can get whacked with a fine for helping her gangster hubby . Aug 22, 2012 . Legal battle: Mob Wives star Renne Graziano is being sued by her plastic. It also says Graziano never paid the surgeon, even though she . Jan 13, 2013 . "Whether you're looking for the latest net worth and salary of your favorite. He is also the former boyfriend of fellow “Mob Wives” cast member, . Jan 8, 2015 . For the past 5 seasons Mob Wives is one of the hottest reality TV series on VH1, but have you ever wondered Who Is The Richest Mob Wives . Mar 30, 2016 . "Mob Wives" star Drita D'Avanzo is off the hook for kicking her neighbor's. .. episode of 'Oz,' she also said doctors have given her a 30 percent . May 3, 2013 . Real Housewives of New Jersey is the second highest rated franchise, averaging about 3M viewers per episode. And the ladies are paid . Dec 17, 2014 . Who is bringing home the most bacon per franchise – and the claimed that she was paid $750,000 to return for a few episodes, but no one on .