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Feb 12, 2009 . After sending the letter below to her landlord, Pilon shaved $300 off her rent. and incomes lower than ours at even cheaper rates than what we've paid. the middle of nowhere. the only way your example makes sense is if . Sample letter to reduce shop rent. I am writing to you in regard to the completion of our lease agreement dated 27th Mar'13 for a period of 11 months.Dec 25, 2013 . Try to use business letter format. If you've forgotten, read “How to Write a Business Letter.” Sample Letter to Landlord Requesting Lower Rent.Feb 12, 2013 . rent, landlord, lease, negotiate.. Asking for a substantially lower rent than what you currently pay will to sign a guarantor form—attaching their better credit to a rental—can always help provide some leverage," Taylor says.To construct a sample letter for rent reduction, create a document using your own circumstances or fictionalized circumstances that would warrant a rent . Feb 9, 2009 . Here's a guide — with a sample letter — to renegotiating your rental lease. Multimillion-Dollar Penthouses Sell in New York's Lower East Side.Sep 23, 2012 . I hope you'll consider agreeing to reduce my rent to $[new rent suggestion] so. Any readers got suggestions for improvements on this letter?Letters Between Landlords and Tenants : There are many types of business letters which a. Letter Asking Tenant To Do Repairs And Agreeing To Foot The BillA letter requesting lease negotiations presents your argument clearly and gives the. rent increase or ask that the new rent amount include some perks, for example.. How to Get Your Landlord to Lower Your Rent While on Unemployment . If you write a letter requesting lease negotiations, you can present your case in a. For example, you might write, “The purpose of this letter is to discuss the .