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A scavenger hunt is a party game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants seek to gather or complete all items on the . 2 free neighborhood scavenger hunt lists. Each list has 25 items to find in a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Use the same list for each group or use separate lists . Yearbook Scavenger Hunt- Thinking of combining this with the photography unit, taking pictures of whatever items they find on the scavenger hunt. .probably . How to Create a Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger hunts are a very popular game for TEENs. They are great for parties and summer vacations. Scavenger hunts are not . Take a look at the coolest and most original Scavenger Hunt list ideas! You'll also find free printable invitations and many more unique scavenger hunt ideas . So, you want to plan the best scavenger hunt ever? What scavenger hunt list ideas and items will you search for?Over 100 free scavenger hunts, printable invitations, and fun treasure hunt lists. Door-to-Door - Be the team to collect the most items on the noted list by going . Items to Collect/Make. 1. A hula-hoop – 5 pts 2. A Black teddy bear – 15 pts 3. A handkerchief with at least 10 colors – 10 pts 4. 1 currency note each from India, . Aug 25, 2012 . Scavenger Hunt - Psychonauts: The Scavenger hunt has 16 items around the camp and in the asylum for you to collect. If you collect 8 items .