Psa pre-boot system assessment dst short fail test harddrive


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When I use Pre-Boot system Assessment(PSA) , I get :. Msg: Hard drive 1: Self test log contains previous e-mail.. Replace the failed drive.. Error code: 2000- 0146 (DST Log contains previous errors) refers to previous . The Dell Diagnostics helps you to check your computer hardware without. The Dell Diagnostics is located on a hidden Diagnostic utility partition on your hard drive.. The computer automatically runs the Pre-boot System Assessment. to continue to the next test, press <Y>; to retest the component that failed, press <R>. Pre-Boot System Assessment (PSA) Diagnostics and Error Codes For Dell Computers. November 22, 2011. | No Comments. Restart the system.. PSA+ 2000-0123, Memory integrity test failed.. PSA+ 2000-0146, DST Log contains previous error(s).. PSA+ 2000-0151, Hard Drive (d): – Incorrect status: (x) (s), Link to Fix.My harddrive failed, I bought a new one and installed it about 4 weeks ago.. Brand new hard drives can and do fail immediately or after both short and very long periods of time. in the laptop and boot to it in order to check the hard drive.. . Called Dell to obtain Key for re-installing operating system if . Dec 29, 2015 . to automatically trigger the Dell ePSA Pre-Boot System Assessment. Hard Drive 0 - S/N (long SN), incorrect status = 8[0s]3. Could not send DST short. Error Logs they got me to rerun the BIOS PSA test (Fn + power on).. Overall I was thinking it sounded like more an issue with their BIOS PSA system, . Jul 8, 2013 . **Hard Drive 0-DST Short Test** Test Results: FAIL Error Code the above is the results of an ePSA Pre-Boot Assessment test . Can anyone . It began not booting up, I ran a diagnostic and it came with errors saying. 04 ( unkown failed test element) and failure checkpoint= 96 (unkown test) I run the Dell diagnostics at boot up, the "Dell Pre-Boot System Assessment Build. Looks like this code indicates hard drive failure, I know it is new, but it is . I ran a pre-boot system test, and this error is supposedly causing the problems.. BIOS recognizes the hard drive, so therefore, it can't be completely dead.. If that fails, try to start in SAFE* mode and click Start (then Run in XP) and type (in the. . the problem is def. your hard drive. you need to run a DST.Aug 13, 2013 . Every time I shut down my dell inspiron 1720 it doesn't want to boot. and it goes through the testing, the first test always fails but everything else is o.. To launch the Pre-Boot System Assessment (PSA) sequence, perform .

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