How much are old worth postcards

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Although assigning value to a postcard isn't always simple, the process itself is fairly easy to follow. If you're hoping to find out how much your card is worth, . Collecting vintage postcards is a fastinating hobby and some postcards can be quite valuable. Age is one factor, but there are many other things that add to a . Postcards can be a reseller's dream; many sellers buy thousands at a time then away with literally hundreds of dollars worth of valuable cards for a few dollars.There are many types of collectible vintage postcards. Hold-to-light postcards were made with tissue paper surrounded by two pieces of regular paper, so light  . Postcards Antique & Collectable: Looking for Postcards were first legally permitted in Austria on October 1, 1869. The United States passed postal regulations . The majority of cards are worth just a few pence or cents regardless of age.. In fact, 90% of postcards, no matter how old, fall into a price bracket ranging from . Got a rare or vintage postcard? Find out how much it's worth by applying for a postcard valuation with Value My Stuff!Many factors determine the value of an antique postcard including age, condition, topic and rarity. The Postcard Guy lists several eras for postcard collecting, . When attempting to determine the value of antique postcards, many factors must be taken into account. A postcard's age can have a major impact on its value.I'll try to list here some common things that affect a postcards price. Age: The age of. As for vintage postcards, some "one of a kind" cards can be worth big $$$!

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