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Project Scorpio: The most powerful console ever built.Jan 27, 2017 . Project Scorpio, Microsoft's upcoming 4K and VR capable console, has. I want to be able to make a choice on what console I want to buy with . Feb 16, 2017 . Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio will arrive in 2017, and the company has finally. Xbox Scorpio release date: When can you buy one?First things first, Project Scorpio is not the successor to the Xbox One. you're satisfied with your purchase, you don't need to worry about picking up a Scorpio.Jun 13, 2016 . Microsoft has the new Xbox One S launching in August, but in late 2017 there will be Project Scorpio. Which console should you get and what . Jan 2, 2017 . Microsoft's intimidating sounding Xbox Project Scorpio and the Nintendo Switch both have expected release dates this year but we can expect . Aug 25, 2016 . This is why you should buy an Xbox One S versus waiting for Project Scorpio.Nov 9, 2016 . . Project Scorpio, a 4K gaming powerhouse due at the end of 2017. your gaming and what home entertainment kit you have (or plan to buy).Microsoft have now confirmed the upcoming new Xbox console, codenamed ' Project Scorpio'. Project Scorpio is part of Team Xbox's philosophy to unite gamers . Aug 31, 2016 . That leaves people considering getting an Xbox with a difficult choice: buy an Xbox now, and risk being left in the cold when Project Scorpio .


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