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Jun 20, 2011 . You just had to play seven minutes in heaven with me, but right now it's only been two minutes in hell." Paul complained. Dawn and Paul are . All the Pokémon characters have gathered around for a game of "7 Minutes In. Ash Ketchum, Drew Shu, Gary Oak, and Paul Shinji get on the bad side of the . Jan 16, 2014 . &rdq. Pokemon Minutes in Heaven: Barry.. You asked. “Of course minutes in heaven.” Barry said. kiss me then… Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven.Oct 11, 2012 . And How she even got you to play Seven Minutes in Heaven as well was questionab. Pokemon Seven Minutes in Heaven Start.The Reader hosts a party at Olivia's Store and everyone is invited. Seven Minutes in Heaven is played, who will you get to spend seven minutes with in the . May 20, 2013 . so here we have, Seven Minutes in Heaven: Pokemon edition! Basically a character x reader fanfiction. If there's anyone you'd really like to see, . Oct 25, 2014 . You follow along with White as she explains this “game” to you and it all seems rather TEENish. Honestly, you're not too interested i. Seven . Seven minutes in heaven - Gold. “You got . . . oh, I'm sorry, honey,” Blue said looking down at me ball. It was a small golden one. Meaning my hugest crush, Gold .