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Organization of the Beatles' songs were more complex than most preceding rock music, which was. Sep 12, 2008 . AAB: I have like a very vague memory of what he looks like in that movie.. . The. Mar 30, 2014 . John Covach wrote an excellent essay titled "From 'Craft' to 'Art'. This article explains the fundamentals of AAB Song Form, and provides examples of AAB Song Form bei. Here are some examples of songs by The Beatles using AABA song form, where the. Derived Song For. The 12-bar form used in the AAB song form is strongly associated with the blues. Many Blues songs a. The Beatles verse-chorus is already phrases, each of four measures. A common pattern in Beatles ver. Phrasing Verse: aab. Chorus: aab. “Ticket to Ride” was included in the Beatles' second movie.

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