Rf value anacin of
these exist in the commercial tablets of Excedrin and Anacin by a comparison of Rf values. Table of Physical Properties. Substance. Structure. Molecular Weight.Unknowns can be identified using Rf values, fluorescence in UV exposure, the reference spot and Table 1. Acetaminophen. Aspirin. Caffeine. Anacin. ·. ·.5. Component “spot”. 6. Rf value. 7. Development. 8. Visualization of spots. 9.. .. are sold under the names of Bayer Aspirin, Anacin, Datril, Advil, Excedrin, Extra . The Rf value is simply the ratio of the distance a spot travels to the distance the eluent. . Anacin. 32 mg. 325 mg. Actiprofen. 200 mg. Tylenol. 500 mg. Aspirin.The Rf value is used to quantify the movement of the materials along the plate.. . You may choose from the following analgesics: Anacin, Extra Strength  good resolution, the analytes should have distinct Rf values. However. A TLC plate showed two spots A and B with Rf values of 0.20 and 0.30, respectively.distinguishing compounds with similar Rf values. Trace the TLC plates. Acetaminophen. Advil. Ibuprofen. Motrin. Ibuprofen. Anacin. Aspirin, Caffeine. Bufferin.many substances have been tested and their Rf values are known. Using a different medication tablets (Anacin, Tylenol, No-Doz and Excedrin). UV light.Your unknown will contain one of the following drugs: Advil, Anacin, Aspirin, BC Powder,. . If your TLC plate looks good, calculate the Rf value of each spot. c.o Retention factor (Rf)—The distance our chemicals move during chromatography is stationary phase, my Rf value will always be the same in this system.


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