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Passover or Pesach is an important, biblically derived Jewish holiday. The Jewish people. To ensure that Passover did not start before spring, the tradition in ancient Israel held that the first. It might be a bit confusing to understand exactly when Passover begins, at least from a traditional Jewish point of view. Does it begin on Nisan 14 or Nisan 15?The Israelites left in such a hurry, in fact, that the bread they baked as provisions for the way did not have time to rise. Six hundred thousand adult males, plus . What Do People Do? During Passover, followers of the Jewish faith are forbidden to eat, drink, or own chametz or (chometz) – food that is made from grain . Why does Passover sometimes fall after Easter?. Passover occurs from the 15th to the 21st of the month of Nisan - which is the month right after the "extra" . The Jewish calendar is set up to keep Jewish holidays at the same season of the year and the same phase of the moon; Passover will always begin on a full . Passover, or Passover in English, is one of the best known Jewish holidays, as much. To do it right, most Jews spend several days and even weeks scrubbing  . The holiday can occur anywhere between March 22 and April 25. The Western church does not use the actual, or astronomically correct date for the vernal . There is a theological explanation for why Passover occurs in the spring.. The fullest spiritual development will take place when the people feel secure and . This last occurred in 5768 (2008), and will not occur again until 5781 (2021). This complicates the process of preparing for Pesach, because many of the .
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