Do postcards have to have a return address

Our downloadable templates for postcards include postal clearzones to help you.. However, if you have not included your Return Address, they won't know . But not all will do this, so assume that the mid-right of the card is the best. In most cases, postcards will have lines designated for an address, but in some cases, a postcard from home, write your return address in the upper left hand corner.Oct 26, 2016 . Learn how to address a postcard with our guide on addressing rules, what to write in. Do You Have to Put a Return Address on a Postcard?For the next 6 months, the Post Office will return the pieces to the sender and indicate the new address that they have on file. This allows you to update your list  . Remember to place enough postage on the postcard before mailing it. Continue. Some post cards have printed horizontal lines for writing the address.While it is customary for one to put a return address when sending a letter, it is not required. However, the U.S. Postal Service encourages people to include a . Aug 5, 2013 . Different mail houses have different USPS mailing capabilities.. On postcards and letters, be sure your return address is on the top left corner.All mail pieces (not 4x6 postcards) will have a return address in the left uppermost corner of the mail piece. It will not exceed 33% of the height nor 50% of the . No, you don't have to. You can always exchange addresses after a postcard is received, through private message. « Go back to Help. © 2004-2017 Postcrossing . Mail qualifying for Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail prices must have the name and return address of the authorized nonprofit organization either on the outside of .

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Do postcards have to have a return address


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